SwirlRepair fits several Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Opel, Vauxhall, Holden, Saab and Cadillac
1.9l 4-cylinder and 2.4l 5-cylinder Diesel inlet manifolds

Some Diesel engines use swirl flaps on four-valve cylinders. They close one of the two inlet ports at low load, while the remaining port lets the air circulate into the cylinder to create a swirl – hence the name. This improves emissions and fuel consumption.

The area of the swirl flaps is sensitive though, and there have been various problems in the field. On one family of engines the swirl flaps are mostly OK. But the rod, which connects the swirl flaps, often falls off. The officially suggested repair is to replace the entire inlet manifold, and since half of the engine needs to be disassembled for this, the repair costs a fortune. In fact, the quote for a new manifold on an Opel Astra was the reason to develop SwirlRepair.

We now offer a repair kit for the original rod as well as complete and improved rod assembles, which come fully mounted and ready to install.

Standard swirl rod visualisation
SwirlRepair swirl rod visualisation
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The Original Swirl Repair Solution

We have invented SwirlRepair, and we still carefully improve details when we see an opportunity to do so. The better the product, the better it lasts, and the longer the inlet manifold lasts. SwirlRepair has been copied many times, but with all due respect we can say that nothing surpasses the original, and most copies are even far from this. They may work in a short term, but if they damage the inlet manifold, the only option is a very expensive new manifold.

This is the expensive repair that SwirlRepair avoids.


for REPAIR of defective inlet manifold swirl rods


Extra Narrow Special Bushing

In some cases there is very little space at one of the swirl flaps. Then a countersink needs to be drilled into the rod, and a countersunk bolt must be used. Because there is also very little clearance in such cases, SwirlRepair includes a special bushing that comes with the countersunk bolt.

Five Bushings Make a Kit

The SwirlRepair Kit comes with five bushings. For a four-cylinder engine only four bushings are needed, but we supply the special bushing in addition to the four standard bushings. This makes the installation easier, because the swirl rod only needs to be drilled and the special bushing only used when really needed. On five-cylinder engines there is a fairly narrow section anyway, so the complete kit can be used.

Tested Lubrication

The SwirlRepair bushings are not just made with highest precision and tight tolerances. They are also filled with a special grease, which we have endurance tested extensively to ensure optimum durability.


for simple REPLACEMENT of defective inlet manifold swirl rods


Reinforced Rod

The SwirlRepair Rod has been reinforced in all areas where there is enough clearance. Only the bushing sections keep a low profile to maintain an easy installation. This makes the SwirlRepair Rod stiffer and more robust than the original – and far stiffer than most of SwirlRepair’s copies, which use weak aluminium instead of stainless steel.

Compact Where It Matters

In the area of the swirl flaps, where there is very little clearance, the SwirlRepair Rod has a very compact design. In addition the SwirlRepair Rod comes with the special narrow bushing installed in the most critical section, so it will fit even those inlet manifolds with the smallest clearance.

Switched Centre of Gravity

When mounted on the engine, the swirl rod is “leaning” forward. This is the main reason for the standard swirl rod to fall off initially. To compensate for this, the SwirlRepair Rod is leaning backwards, and the bushings have a large contact surface. This significantly reduces the tendency to tilt and fall off, and the wear of the swirl flaps‘ ball joints is reduced as well.

More Clearance

In the area of the 3rd swirl flap the clearance is very limited. This makes it difficult to install the swirl rod. Therefore the SwirlRepair Rod now comes with increased clearance at the 3rd swirl flap.