International Tracking

Your delivery is sent by Postal Consignment or DHL/German Post Parcel. According to the German postal service Deutsche Post, the delivery takes 2-4 days within Europe and 5-10 days outside Europe for consignments and 10-15 days for parcels. Sometimes the delivery can also take longer than promised by the postal services though. Unfortunately we cannot do much about this except trying to follow up and make sure the delivery is not stuck anywhere. And we can offer you some tracking information, which you find below.

Registered Mail / Postal Consignment offers a basic tracking service, but the postal tracking systems are not internationally connected. Therefore Deutsche Post does not always show full tracking information. Instead, the local tracking system can have information available. This information is sometimes more precise than what Germany can offer, sometimes not though.
For Parcels you can find information on the DHL Germany website and sometimes also on the sites of local postal services.

To allow you to track your delivery we have tried to make a list including links to your local tracking systems. Note that the list may not be complete due to language barriers, and links can be changed over time. If you have a link to add or change from your country, please do let us know by e-mail.

Also, please note that the tracking systems are not always up to date, and the tracking information in your local postal system may not show until a few days after despatch in Germany. Therefore please be patient if you do not see status updates as quickly as you (and we) would like to. Thank you.

Country Postal Service Direct Tracking Link
Germany Sendung verfolgen
Austria Sendungsverfolgung
Australia Track your item
Belgium Track & Trace
Bulgaria (Проследяване на пратка on start page)
Chile (Seguimiento en línea on start page)
Croatia Praćenje pošiljaka
Czech Republic Vyhledávání zásilek
Denmark Track & Trace
Estonia (Jälgi saadetist on start page)
Finland (Lähetysten seuranta on start page)
France (Suivre un envoi on start page)
Greece Εντοπισμός Αντικειμένου
Hungary (Nyomkövetés on start page)
Ireland (Track & Trace on start page)
Italy Cerca Spedizioni
Latvia Sūtījumu sekošana
Lithuania (Siuntų paieška on start page)
Luxembourg Track and Trace
Netherlands (no link found for Registered Mail, sorry)
Norway Sporing
Poland (no link found for Registered Mail, sorry)
Portugal Localize
Romania (Track & Trace on start page)
Serbia (Track & Trace on start page)
Spain Localizador
Sweden (Spåra on start page)
Switzerland (on start page)
United Kingdom Track and Trace