The SwirlRepair Remanufactured + Upgraded BMW 6-Cylinder Inlet Manifold

The SwirlRepair BMW 6-Cylinder Inlet Manifold is a remanufactured and upgraded version of the original manifold. The swirl flaps on the original manifold are unfortunately not designed strongly enough, so sometimes they can break. When breaking, parts of the swirl flaps can fall into the combustion chamber, thus causing fatal damage to the entire engine.

There are so-called blanking kits on the market. With these kits the swirl flaps are simply removed and the remaining openings in the manifold are covered with blanking plates. This obviously prevents the risk of breaking swirl flaps, but the swirl flaps have not been installed without reason. Without swirl flaps the fuel consumption is noticeably higher at part load, i.e. in the area engines are used most of the time, so there is a cost factor incurred in using blanking plates. In addition, engines produce more smoke and emissions at part load with swirl flaps removed. So installing a blanking kit makes the vehicle illegal for road use.

With the SwirlRepair manifold we offer an alternative. It is not just remanufactured with original parts, but its weak parts are upgraded. The swirl flaps are much more robust and machined from aluminium, and they come with steel shafts that have a bigger diameter. Other components such as levers and shaft seals are also upgraded. In addition, the manifold comes ready to install with a new set of gaskets.

The purchasing procedure includes a part exchange, so we send a shipping label with the order, and with this the old part can be sent back once the new part has been installed. We don’t charge this additionally unless the old part should not be returned.



REMANUFACTURED and UPGRADED for higher durability

Solid Swirl Flaps

The swirl flaps are made from solid aluminium, which makes them much more durable and less prone to cracking than the original swirl flaps.

Reinforced BMW Swirl Flap

Stronger Shaft

The swirl flap shaft is stronger and larger in diameter. This reinforces the swirl flaps and reduces wear and play in the system.

Reinforced BMW Swirl Flap Shaft

Improved Lever Section

The lever section has modified levers, seals and retaining rings to avoid play and wear in this area.

Reinforced BMW Swirl Flap Lever

New Gaskets

The manifold comes with new FKM (“Viton”) seals, ready to install.

New BMW manifold seals


The SwirlRepair Remanufactured + Upgraded BMW 6-Cylinder Inlet Manifold fits the following vehicles/engines:

  • BMW 2.5d M57D25.. (525d E60/E61, 120kW/163hp) (525d E60/E61, 130kW/177hp)
  • BMW 3.0d M57D30.. / N57D30.. (525d E60/E61, 145kW/197hp) (X3 E83, 211hp) (530d/X3 E39/E60/E61/E83/F25, 155kW/211hp) (530d/X3/X5 E53/E60/E61/E83, 160kW/217hp) (330d/530d E60/E61/E90/E91, 170kW/231hp) (530d E60/E61, 173kW/235hp) (330d E90/E91/E92/E93, 180kW/245hp) (530d E60/E61, 200kW/272hp) (335d/535d/635d/X3/X5 E60/E61/E63/E64/E70/E83/E90/E91/E92, 210kW/286hp)

Manifold OEM Ref. no. 11717790700 / 7790700 11617790701 / 7790701 11617800585 / 7800505

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